While games such as roulette and blackjack have lots of fans, poker is still perhaps the definitive casino classic for many. This is, after all, a game with a long history behind it. From the old saloons of the Wild West to the latest up market casino resorts, poker has come a long way.

Of course, the modern age means that many of us enjoy playing poker at online casinos now, and this sees most iGaming platforms carry it. All of the top NJ online casino sites certainly have cool poker games to enjoy, with Resorts Casino being highly respected by players. The poker games here are second to none and there is always excellent customer support on hand if required.

Whether it is land-based or virtual play though, you can find that a lot of poker players are very serious when they are at the table. Is this their real character, or are they more talkative when away from the game?

Most poker players are friendlier when not playing

The simple truth is that most poker players will be warmer and friendlier when away from the table. It is not uncommon to find people who are very serious when playing become a lot more relaxed when not. Why is this?

Firstly, most people will be focused when at the table and thinking about their next move. This is actually one of the best casino tips to remember in any game you play! This leaves little time for chit-chat and getting distracted by socializing with other people. Of course, when they are not playing, this is no longer an issue and they do have time to chat.

In addition, poker is a competitive game and many players like to get into the zone when at the table. Most poker enthusiasts believe that this helps them play better and be seen as a stronger opponent. Many players also think that it is harder to make tough moves against other players in a game that is too friendly. As above, this all goes out of the window when not playing and means that most players are much more approachable outside of the game.

Not all poker players change away from the game

Although all of the above is true for many poker players, there are some who remain just as grumpy away from the table as they are at it! This comes down to personality type and the character of the person in question. It is a fact of life that some people are just serious, negative and unapproachable by nature – whatever they are doing. For players like this, their behavior will remain the same at the table and away from it.

Poker is a serious game

Poker itself is a serious game with plenty of drama and tension. This naturally means that those who play will feel this atmosphere and act accordingly – be it online or in person. As the above shows though, you will find that most poker players are a lot friendlier and more talkative when they step away from the table.